Classical Guitar

Classical guitar is an important part of who I am. My formal music journey began at ITAM’s guitar ensable under Luis Robert and, later, as a student of Manuel López Ramos’s Estudio de Arte Guitarrístico, under the instruction of Victor Saenger. I´ve also received instruction from Zaira Meneses.

Moreover, I am honored to sit on the International Artistic Advisory Board of the Eliot Fisk Guitar Academy (EFGA) , a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicating to preserving and promoting the art of classical guitar worldwide, as inspired by the legacy of guitar virtuosos and master educators, Eliot Fisk and Andrés Segovia.


In this website, I intend to upload some videos of my performances and evolution as a classical guitarist. I am currently working on Manuel M. Ponce’s Scherzino Mexicano as arranged by Manuel López Ramos: